Saturday, December 19, 2009

Neutrogena Gift Set

Let's see what I've got to share for today. Oh yeah! I received this gift set as a present. There's a lip gloss, 2 Skin Clearing soothing masks, hand cream and 2 moisturizing body wash. It's good because Neutrogena is my brand. But it would be great if there's a Foam Cleanser. hehe..

The hand cream, lip gloss and moisturizing body wash is perfect for this season. Oh yes~ I love gifts and thanks to the person who gave it to me. It's from someone that I don't know much.

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My gosh, my gun has gone

I sometimes write without thinking anything and I rarely check my grammar or spelling before I publish my post. Now I was shocked to see my previous post. My gosh, I was telling about my pimples and I said that my pimples were gone. But instead of "gone" I wrote "gun". So imagine when I said "My pimples are gun". Oh my goodness! It has been a month since I last visited here so that "gun" has been there for more than a month. Sorry for the gun. Now I edited it. So my gun has gone now. Thanks! hihi..

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