Thursday, September 11, 2014

Super Aqua Cooling Gel

My hubby trusts tosowoong so he bought sets of tosowoong products. He tried the freebies that we received and he thinks this super aqua cooling gel is also good for his skin. He said he likes the feeling when he put some and makes his face cooler.

He ordered a bottle of it and used for several days and stopped. He's just lazy to put something on his face. Now it stocked at home and I don't know when he will use it again. I hope so soon before it will be expired.

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I Love My Hair Removal Cream

My hubby teased me that he got married to a man because of the fine hair on my legs. In the Philippines, having fine hair on the legs is attractive and I heard in Vietnam, too. But because I'm living in Korea and I got married to a man who doesn't like my fine hair, I always give attention on my legs and underarms.

I didn't try to shave my fine hair on my legs and I didn't have the thought of using wax. How could I use wax? Just thinking of pulling my hair with wax makes me really nervous. I was scared so when I saw this Veet hair removal cream in the supermarket, I didn't have the second thought of buying it. I bought and tried it immediately. Wow! My legs look much better without hair. They look whiter and smoother. Now I have the courage to show off my legs.

This Veet in shower hair removal cream with moisturizer complex is used while taking a shower. Just put some on the part of the body where you want to remove the fine hair and wait for 3 minutes. Then use the sponge to wipe the hair and voila! Goodbye to our fine hair! hehehe...

I use it once a week or every other week. I can use it for about or more than 6 months. It depends on how often I use it. For me, nothing can beat the Veet, so far!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shampoo for Bald Hair

We like watching online shopping on TV. One time, there was this program about the shampoo that can help grow hair. I got very interested because I always have lots of fallen hair so I'm worried of getting bald someday. My hubby also thinks that he will need it because his hair is also thin. He called the number and ordered that shampoo.

Our order Daenggi Meori Vitalizing Shampoo came the next day. It seems like it really vitalizes hair but me who has long hair needs to use rinse. And if I use this shampoo, I don't need to use rinse or conditioner.

I think my hair is not straight, shiny and smooth without rinse. I feel uncomfortable so after using less than half of the shampoo bottle, I quit using it. Besides, I don't like the smell of it. It smells Korean traditional medicine.

My hubby's hair also looks thicker but he doesn't like the smell either so he also stopped using it. Now, the half of the shampoo is at home and I gave the two bottles to my sister.

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I love Elizabeth Arden

I traveled in the Philippines with my hubby and our couple friend. We still had some amount of Philippine money so my hubby and his friend told us to choose what we wanted. We were full so we didn't want to buy any food. Besides we already bought at the supermarket our favorite snacks to bring home. Hubby's friend also brought some Philippine alcohol and packed in our luggage very well.

We walked around and saw the perfumes at duty free. My friend recommended Elizabeth Arden perfume. I also love the smell so we asked our husbands to buy two. One for her and one for me.

After a week, the couple visited us at home and they brought me another Elizabeth Arden body lotion and shower bath. So now, I have a set of perfume, lotion and body wash. Yipee! I love Elizabeth Arden! I love my Elizabeth Arden stuffs!

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