Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Skin Clearing Foam Cleanser

We'll celebrate the Lunar New Year next week so to promote the store and some products, they posted an advertisement in front of our flat. I checked it out and saw that the foam cleanser that I use is on sale. The big sale started last Thursday and lasted yesterday. Because it was the last day yesterday so I invited my hubby to go there last night. I bought this Neutrogena set for a very low price. I saved more than half of the real price. Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foam Cleanser is what I use when I wash my face. But the gift set came with the 2 acne prone skin formula transparent facial bar soap, skin clearing toner, skin clearing soothing moisturizer and a small size of skin clearing foam cleanser.

I was thinking of buying two sets but they were out of stock. They just gave me the sample product. I still consider myself lucky because I got the last product.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My fingernails

It's too expensive to get a manicure here that's why I always clean my finger and toe nails by myself. I keep my fingernails long and I feel uncomfortable when I cut them short. Actually, I don't cut them short unless when I have no choice because I accidentally hit something and need to cut it. If you check my kit in my bag, I always carry a nail cutter just in case that it accidentally ruined my nail. Some says that I have beautiful fingernails but others say that they are terrible that look like a witch. Well, whatever they say, I like my finger nails and I don't have any plan to cut them short like what others want. My hubby likes my fingernails, too. I'm just wondering if it's because he always asked me to scratch his back whenever he's itchy. I hope that's not the real reason. kekekek...

I started to keep my fingernails long since I was in high school. I often cut them but just a very small amount on both sides and on top when it's necessary.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Winter fashion

I don't like going shopping in winter. I don't like going to the market either so I sometimes order some food because there's nothing to eat in the refrigerator. Anyway, I don't have to buy anything. Winter fashion is just like wearing a coat and boots and no need to care about the inner clothes specially in my job, I just wear a uniform. Who cares about my clothes as long as I change my coat? Nobody sees what i'm wearing except the coat when I go out.

I hate winter not only because of the weather but also with the many clothes that I have to wear. It takes longer time to change clothes and it's sometimes heavy that makes you feel tired all day. What is winter fashion if you can't walk the way you want because you are afraid that you would slip. Or you sometimes look like an old woman who has white hair and eyebrows because of the snow. And that's the real winter fashion. hihihihi...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

How old is your brain?

Here's my new Nintendo DS game chip. It's hard to accept that my brain age is more than my real age. Is it because I always sleep and my brain is getting terrible? Or because i'm just getting older so I act slowly and forgetful. Whatever! If I didn't buy this game, I can't pay attention on my brain. I don't read books and I watch too much tv so I forgot what I learned specially mathematics. I used to like math but now I can't answer even simple or basic math. That's too bad! Do I have to go back to school again?

It's fun to play the game and it's a great game to exercise my brain. I have to think and concentrate to answer some questions. After doing and answering the questions, it will tell how old your brain is. Well, don't bother yourself to ask my I.Q. I told you, my brain is older than my real age. hihihi...

By the way, Happy New Year!