Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shop 'til we drop

The shoes that I bought from the coupon that hubby gave me. Shoes were on sale when we went there so I got them for only $29. They are too cheap. With the coupon, I also bought a shirt which was also on sale.

But hubby doesn't like the color so he told me not to wear it outside. hehehe... I tried it on when I came home and hubby said it doesn't look good on me. I think so. I haven't worn it yet and I don't know when I will wear it.

Do you think I only bought for me? Of course not! I haven't gone to the department store with buying my things alone. I also buy for hubby. So, I also bought two pairs of socks for him and food when we went camping.

With those stuffs and food, my $100 coupon has gone.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shopping coupon

When my hubby came home last week, he handed me this.

I thought it was a letter, card or advertisement that somebody put in the mail box. But when I opened it, I was surprised to see this.

It's a shopping coupon from Lotte Department Store that costs over $100. I told him last time that I wanted to buy shoes so he told me to buy shoes with that coupon. Thanksgiving day is coming soon and this coupon is my advance gift from my hubby.

We can received this kind of coupon when we collect some points or sometimes a free gift when we buy something in the mall or mart. But we can also get them in exchange to money. This coupon is one of the best gifts that people give or receive when there's an occasion like Thanksgiving day and Lunar New Year! It's the perfect gift for shopaholics. No, I don't belong to them. Do you?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Shop and Beauty

Shop And Beauty! It says all. It's a blog about my shopping spree. I'm not a shopaholic but I go shopping of course. I can't go out without wearing make-up so I usually buy some cosmetics to change my face before I hit the road.

I won't only post here about the shopping that I bought for myself but also include some stuffs that I buy to decorate my house or anything that is related to beauty and shopping.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has its own opinion of what beauty is and who is beautiful. My mom and my husband said that i'm pretty so i'm gonna show and share you here how I maintain this beauty. hahahaha.... I hope it won't rain today because i'm afraid that the thunder and lightning will hit me. muhahaha....