Friday, December 23, 2011

Lemona Vitamin C

The problem when you travel a lot is your skin gets dark. And one thing that I hate the most are the freckles or liver spots that appeared on my cheeks. I checked on the internet on how to avoid and remove them. I tried lemon but it didn't work well for me. My hubby went to the drugstore and asked the pharmacist if they sell something that can remove freckles. They suggested one but when my hubby searched on the net, he read that there are bad effects with that medicine. He searched again and he saw that this Lemona Vitamin C are good for freckles.

Well, I think it's not bad at all. Vitamin C are good for the skin. Even if they don't remove freckles, it's winter so I need Vitamin C to avoid colds. So my hubby went to the drugstore and bought to this Lemona Vit. C.

I've been taking this Vitamin C for two months and I can see that my skin is getting whiter. Also, the freckles are getting lighter and I feel that some of them already disappeared. I take one every night before I go to bed. They are sweet and sour like powdered candies so it seems like you're just eating candies. I don't think that they are medicines because they are yummy. I hope my freckles disappeared before I take this two bottles which is I think there are 120 pieces inside.

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xxanniexx said...

I've been looking all over for this. Can you tell me where you buy it?

beautyandshop said...

Hi, thanks for the visit. You can buy them at the drugstores in Korea.

AznLatinaa said...

It's very random but, would it be possible for you to mail a can to me? I would pay for the expenses.

I used up the last of what i had a month ago and I'm in the US now, TT

Unknown said...

Just an FYI - provided below is a link where they can be purchased. As I will purchase it myself and have done some research on the weblink and seems reliable. Goodluck!

Unknown said...