Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Essence AP Therapy

I know about the essence but I've never heard of the First Essence before, until my hubby bought this TIMESHIFT First Essence AP Therapy from Tosowoong.

It helps protect the skin from the dryness and other skin problems after washing your face from removing make-up. There are times that our face is rough after washing it so with this first essence, it makes our skin so smooth and soft.

This Time Shift First Essence AP Therapy also helps whiten the skin and help remove wrinkles. Apply it after washing your face. It is the first one or first step in your cosmetics. It applies before the skin toner which I think toner comes first. But this essence is the first one to apply that's why it is called the "First Essence".

You can see some differences when you apply it on your face. It's a kind of magic. You will never know unless you will apply it.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Tosowoong Beauty Innovation

We always watch the online shopping on TV and when we see some cosmetics on sale, we always want to buy everything. We ordered once but before my hubby went to bed, he decided to cancel it and search on the internet about good cosmetics. We can't deny that we are getting old so my hubby is very concern and sensitive about our looks.

Tony Moly whitening is good and affordable but my hubby wants to buy more so as he searched on the net, he found out about Tosowoong Beauty Innovation. He read lots of reviews and some comments about the products and he trusted what is written on the wallpost. My hubby is not that kind of person who believes easily but he was attracted with the products so he ordered Osory Skin Toner, Emulsion, Essence, Crystal Whitening Cream and Anti-Wrinkle BTX online. He ordered while I was sleeping and the next day, he showed me his order on the internet and he decided to order more. Instead of one Crystal Whitening Cream, he made it two, and added two more orders on the Anti-Wrinkle BTX so he ordered three. It's too obvious that he's afraid to grow and look old.

After two days, my hubby's order arrived. Here it is including some freebies or sample cosmetics from Tosowoong.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wireless Mouse

When we bought our laptop, we received two mouses for free so when my hubby told me to buy a wireless mouse, I refused it. But then he complained, he said that he's very uncomfortable using the mouse so he went to the supermarket and bought this wireless mouse.

Although I refused him to buy a wireless mouse, when I saw that it looks good with our laptop, I felt so happy. It's so cute and comfortable to use it. The mouse is lighweight and has specific design that allows to enhance portability. The wireless mouse can be used up to 10m within. It can also switched to standby mode for saving power and when the button is pressed or moved the scroll, it can be used again.

The 2.4GHz wireless mouse can use within 10m. It is USB Nano receiver, has one year warranty and needs two AAA battery.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Having Trouble with Uploading Photos at Blogger

What's wrong with the blogger now a days? Why can't I upload my pictures here on my blog? I want to create post with photos but due to trouble of uploading pictures, I can't publish a post. I just think that my blog is not fun without pictures specially my blog is about shopping. If I don't post photos, how can my readers believe that I have those items that I mention in my blog? I have lots of items to blog about. But unluckily, I can't upload the pictures so I can't create ones.

I hope the problem with uploading photos at blogger will be fixed soon so I can update my blog. I hope..I hope...

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