Thursday, September 11, 2014

I Love My Hair Removal Cream

My hubby teased me that he got married to a man because of the fine hair on my legs. In the Philippines, having fine hair on the legs is attractive and I heard in Vietnam, too. But because I'm living in Korea and I got married to a man who doesn't like my fine hair, I always give attention on my legs and underarms.

I didn't try to shave my fine hair on my legs and I didn't have the thought of using wax. How could I use wax? Just thinking of pulling my hair with wax makes me really nervous. I was scared so when I saw this Veet hair removal cream in the supermarket, I didn't have the second thought of buying it. I bought and tried it immediately. Wow! My legs look much better without hair. They look whiter and smoother. Now I have the courage to show off my legs.

This Veet in shower hair removal cream with moisturizer complex is used while taking a shower. Just put some on the part of the body where you want to remove the fine hair and wait for 3 minutes. Then use the sponge to wipe the hair and voila! Goodbye to our fine hair! hehehe...

I use it once a week or every other week. I can use it for about or more than 6 months. It depends on how often I use it. For me, nothing can beat the Veet, so far!

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